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Stampington publishes the largest number of niche magazines in the art and crafting industry, with more than 1 million copies sold annually. The company currently produces over 30 high-quality titles that specialize in crafts such as mixed-media, paper crafting, and both wearable and digital arts. With above average page counts, limited advertising, and a thicker paper stock, Stampington & Company's titles are often referred to as "book-azines" and become collector's items that never go out of style.

Why carry Stampington publications in your store?

  • Customers will routinely come back to your store to grab each new issue.
  • Instructional titles can help sell your store's crafting and d├ęcor products.
  • With a $14.99 cover price, our titles look, feel, and sell like a book, giving wholesalers a high return on every sale.
  • Magazines can easily be placed in a rack, on a counter, or at the end of an aisle without taking up too much valuable shelving real estate.


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