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Art Stamps

Wood Mounted Stamps

  • Available in over 1,000 exclusive designs
  • Made of the finest materials available - deeply etched red rubber and contoured maple mounts for a secure, comfortable grip
  • Stamps are indexed with a non-glare matte label; some feature color labels that are reproduced from the artists' original artwork, offering your customers suggested colors for their own artistic work
  • Designs by renowned artists: Dina Wakley, Pam Carriker, Christine Adolph, Sandra Evertson, Lynne Perrella, Maureen Blackman, Michelle Ward, and more
  • Minimum of two (2) each per design or set required

Clearly Impressed Stamps

  • See-through: made of self-sticking, unmounted photopolymer material
  • Allows for clear visibility during stamping
  • Repositionable: images easily attached and reattached to acrylic mounts
  • Convenient and space-saving
  • Designs by Christine Adolph, Maureen Blackman, Julie Van Oosten, Michelle Ward, and more
  • Minimum of two (2) each per design or set required


All our magazines are printed on high-quality paper and are works of art in themselves. Due to the superior quality and content of our magazines, back issues sell well as collectors' items and many of our retailers continue to reorder and carry all available issues.

Minimum of four (4) copies per issue required.

One (1) Bimonthly Publication:

  • Somerset Studio

Sixteen (16) Quarterly Publications:

  • Altered Couture
  • Art Doll Quarterly
  • Art Journaling
  • Artful Blogging
  • Bella Grace
  • Belle Armoire Jewelry
  • GreenCraft Magazine
  • Jewelry Affaire
  • Mingle
  • Somerset Life
  • Take Ten
  • The Stampers' Sampler
  • Where Women Cook
  • Where Women Create
  • Where Women Create BUSINESS
  • Willow and Sage

One (1) Triannual Publication:

  • Prims

Eight (8) Semiannual Publications:

  • Art Quilting Studio
  • Belle Armoire
  • Haute Handbags
  • Sew Somerset
  • Somerset Apprentice
  • Somerset Digital Studio
  • Somerset Home
  • Somerset Studio Gallery

Two (2) Annual Publications:

  • Artists' Café
  • Somerset Holidays & Celebrations

Eighteen (18) Special Interest Publications:

  • 400 More Ideas for Handmade Cards
  • Apronology
  • Art Doll Chronicles
  • Artist Trading Cards (ATC)
  • Beyond Paper Dolls
  • Create With Me
  • Digital Inspiration
  • Marie
  • Material Visions
  • Return to Asia
  • Salon
  • Signatures
  • Somerset in Love
  • Somerset Memories
  • Stuffed
  • Transparent Art
  • The Coloring Studio
  • True Colors



Bimonthly Publications

Somerset Studio
Combining lettering, paper art, and mixed-media techniques in each bimonthly issue, Somerset Studio is perfect for intermediate to advanced artists looking for information, inspiration, and the latest innovations in paper crafting and fine art. Each issue contains four handpicked artist papers and is an endless source of artistic inspiration!
Release Dates: January, March, May, July, September, November


Quarterly Publications

Altered Couture
Your customers can give new life to old garments with inspiration from Altered Couture! Each quarterly issue is packed with tips, techniques, and easy-to-follow instructions from top fiber artists who demonstrate how easy it is to revamp thrift store finds and reawaken forgotten pieces from their wardrobe.
Release Dates: February, May, August, November

Art Doll Quarterly
Whether it's fabric, clay, wire, or paper, Art Doll Quarterly is dedicated to the art of making handmade dolls and sculptural figures. Each issue includes challenges, artist profiles, a full gallery, and more. If your readers seek creative ideas and tips for doll making, look no further than this spectacular title.
Release Dates: February, May, August, November

Art Journaling
Step inside the journals of some of today's hottest artists for an up-close-and-personal look with Art Journaling. Get insider tips and techniques "From the Pros," and find the inspiration you need to take your own lettering, journaling, paper crafting, and mixed-media projects to the next level.
Release Dates: January, April, July, October

Artful Blogging
Artful Blogging is a complete visual feast from start to finish - showcasing the most extraordinary blogs from across the internet. Readers can soak up endless inspiration from compelling stories and heartwarming partial posts, as well as find stunning photography and helpful tips in every issue.
Release Dates: February, May, August, November

Bella Grace
Bella Grace is a new publication devoted to finding magic in the ordinary. Our aim is to touch the souls of our readers through beautifully penned essays and striking photographs that capture life's beautiful adventure. Look forward to tales of inspired living, finding ways to embrace a simpler life, and stories about living authentically and with purpose.
Release Dates: March, June, September December

Belle Armoire Jewelry
Each quarterly issue of Belle Armoire Jewelry is a must-have resource for artists attempting to craft their own jewelry whether it's wire-wrapping, beading, tatting, glass working, or clay. Each issue contains tips, techniques, and how-to projects complete with detailed photos and step-by-step instructions for artists looking to advance their skill.
Release Dates: March, June, September, December

GreenCraft Magazine
Finding creative uses for old items is nothing new to artists, but GreenCraft Magazine takes this mentality one step further. In the spirit of preserving the planet, this quarterly publication provides sample projects, tips and ideas for repurposing trash by turning waste into ecologically-chic creations!
Release Dates: February, May, August, November

Jewelry Affaire
Jewelry Affaire celebrates the beauty that can be found in easy-to-make yet elegant jewelry. Refashion a vintage piece, embellish a chain, place a pendant, or add some beadwork - with close-up images and clear instructions, this magazine has everything jewelry enthusiasts need to get started and advance their skills.
Release Dates: January, April, July, October

Explore creative ways for bringing friends and loved ones together for artful entertaining, inspiration, and an all around good time! From small and intimate "girls' nights-in" to larger scale art retreats, each quarterly issue is a visual feast of unique get-togethers that gives all readers creative reasons to celebrate.
Release Dates: January, April, July, October

Somerset Life
Somerset Life encourages readers to infuse creativity into every facet of their lives. Contemporary and romantic photographs accompany stories offering simple and accessible ideas to help transform ordinary moments into extraordinary ones. Each issue displays touching moments captured by inspiring artwork, unique ways to present gifts, and creative living ideas.
Release Dates: January, April, July, October

Take Ten
In each issue of Take Ten readers can find hundreds of quick and creative stamped cards, gifts, and projects that can be made in only ten minutes or less. Whether your customers craft often or only on occasion, there's an abundance of artistic project samples to try on every page!
Release Dates: March, June, September, December

The Stampers' Sampler
Discover hundreds of tips, tricks, and innovative techniques for using rubber stamps within the inspiring pages of The Stampers' Sampler. With more than 200 samples in every issue, this quarterly publication is packed with exciting features, tempting templates or patterns to get started, a free artist paper, and clever project ideas.
Release Dates: January, April, July, October

Where Women Cook
A shared love of food - whether it's cooking it, talking about it, or eating it - brings people together. Today's hottest culinary enthusiasts share inspirational stories, creative storage ideas, kitchen decoration, plus mouthwatering food and drink recipes to motivate any home cook within the pages of Where Women Cook.
Release Dates: March, June, September, December

Where Women Create
Explore the studio spaces of some of the world's most extraordinary and artistic women in Where Women Create! Readers can look forward to inspirational quotes and narratives, unique storage and organizational ideas along with tips for finding their own creative style in each quarterly issue.
Release Dates: February, May, August, November

Where Women Create BUSINESS
Through advice columns and in-depth feature articles, Where Women Create BUSINESS offers a multitude of knowledge and inspiration to women with a passion for success. Each issue is bursting with tangible takeaways from expert artisans and entrepreneurs whose extraordinary businesses speak for themselves.
Release Dates: January, April, July, October

Willow and Sage
A whole new, creative approach to homemade bath and body products, Willow and Sage pairs stunning, Somerset-style photography alongside personal, how-to beauty articles. This breathtaking magazine highlights the art of presentation for items that soothe and replenish both body and soul.
Release Dates: February, May, August, November


Semiannual Publications

Art Quilting Studio
Art Quilting Studio supplies the imagination and innovation that builds from traditional quilters, mixed-media artists, and fine art quilters meeting in one mustread place! Each semiannual issue provides an informative forum where enthusiasts can share innovative techniques, ideas, and inspiration.
Release Dates: June, December

Belle Armoire
Take part in the art of personal expression through exquisitely made garments, accessories, and jewelry with Belle Armoire. Each semiannual issue is devoted to handmade fashions and wearable-art projects; features include designer profiles, garment galleries, and easy to follow how-to articles with close-up photos and step-by-step instructions.
Release Dates: January, July

Haute Handbags
When it comes to purses, clutches, totes, bags, and attachés - Haute Handbags is a must-have resource for ideas and inspiration! Readers will embark on a journey through some of the most artful accessories around, and find tips and techniques on how to alter their own stylish creations.
Release Dates: April, October

Sew Somerset
By combining sewn elements into mixed-media projects such as cards, collages, and journals, artists are showing the world that stitches are not just for fabric anymore! Sew Somerset illustrates how to stitch some life into new projects in innovative ways through stunning samples and instructions from top artists.
Release Dates: June, December

Somerset Apprentice
Somerset Apprentice takes its readers by the hand to teach them the fundamentals of creating Somerset-style art - one step at a time. Top artists share their favorite tips and techniques, including layered collage, mixed-media, and assemblage art, which are presented through detailed photographs and clear, concise instructions.
Release Dates: March, September

Somerset Digital Studio
See why scanning and editing is the new cutting and pasting! Somerset Digital Studio showcases some of the best digitally created artwork around, and these breathtaking samples of scrapbook pages, ATCs, collages, and more will have readers joining in this growing trend of creating digitally altered artwork in no time.
Release Dates: March, September

Somerset Home
Somerset Home beautifully blends together "Somersetesque" art with functional, everyday items to add an artful touch of décor. The result is a truly distinctive annual magazine that exemplifies creative living and showcases hundreds of tips, techniques, and charming accents designed to enlighten, organize, and beautify any dwelling place.
Release Dates: February, August

Somerset Studio Gallery
Somerset Studio Gallery is filled to the brim with hundreds of samples of extraordinary artwork - presented up close and in detail. Whether your customer's passion is rubber stamping, calligraphy, or paper crafting, this publication has everything readers love about Somerset Studio in an expanded 200-page format.
Release Dates: June, December


Triannual Publication

Prims features the rustic elegance of primitive, folk, historic, and early Americana style artwork. Discover art that captivates the imagination and enchants with its simple beauty - be it through dolls, jewelry, paintings, mixed-media works, teddy bears, or illustrations.
Release Dates: January, May, September


Annual Publications

A Somerset Holiday
Formerly Somerset Holidays & Celebrations, our most festive title is getting a fresh new look. A Somerset Holiday: Easy Ideas for Gift-Giving & Decor puts a rustic-chic spin on the holidays by offering fun and simple ideas for handmade gifts.
Release Dates: October

Artists' Café
The publishers of Somerset Studio invite you to explore the finest moments from over a decade in print in the third extraordinary volume of Artists' Café. This decadent, 144-page issue is jam–packed with the best paper-crafting and mixed-media projects from Somerset Studio. Relive favorite articles, discover techniques you may have missed or get reacquainted with an admired artist.
Release Dates: December


Special Themed Publications and One-Time Releases

Join innovative fiber and mixedmedia artists as they explore the functional and fashionable uses of aprons in apron•ology. With full access to templates, how-to instructions, and creative ideas, this annual specialty publication motivates its readers to reinvent their own aprons with a unique twist - and a tie!

Artist Trading Cards
Presenting more than 500 ATCs in this unique and beautiful 5X8 embossed cover book. It is packed with incredible cards representing different styles, materials, and themes of this emerging art form. This is a limited run and will include vellum and perforated pages.

Beyond Paper Dolls
A publication dedicated to expressive paper personas crafted with innovative techniques and art mediums. Artist, author and designer Lynne Perrella, has invited over 50 mixed media artists to contribute to this book of over-the-top imaginative interpretations of the human form. Far more than paper dolls, this selection of thought-provoking and innovative "paper personas" will awaken the urge to make artwork that is meaningful, expressive, and full of story-telling.

Digital Inspiration
Digital Inspiration showcases the best of the best in photo manipulations and digitally altered artwork, in an expanded 224-page format. There is truly nothing else like it on the market with its breathtaking images and digital tutorials by groundbreaking artists Angi Sullins, Aimee Stewart, Traci Bautista, Hollie Haradon, and more.

Marie Antoinette is a historical icon whose decadent and beautiful way of life has inspired generations of artists. Driven by their fascination with Marie Antoinette, two different artistic cohorts embarked on extraordinary collaborative book projects that were recently submitted to Stampington & Company. Too large of a collaborative effort for just one article and far too beautiful to keep to ourselves, these stunning projects will be highlighted in this brand new special publication.

Material Visions
This book includes quick tips and clearly explained techniques. Expert and novice quilters alike will be inspired to incorporate techniques such as embellishing with found objects, art stamping, embroidery, image transfers, and beading, into their next art quilt project.

Return to Asia
A special edition of Somerset Studio featuring more than 1,000 samples of beautiful Asian-inspired artwork. It includes nearly 200 pages of exotic artwork in the Somerset Studio tradition, and no advertising.

Includes more than 170 pages of original artwork. Artists share journaling prompts, how-to tips on everything from covers to construction, personal musings, and poetry, as well as the enlightening journal entries their daily lives.

Somerset in Love
Inspired by Valentine's Day, Marilyn Healey and her artist friends embarked on an altered book collaboration that celebrates the spirit of love. Out of this creative journey emerged 12 stunning books, each containing pages that have been painted, stitched, embellished, and collaged. While some are humorous, some passionate and others whimsical, page after page reflects the essence of beauty and romance. Somerset in Love will allow the reader to take an inside look at this collaborative and the lovely results.

Somerset Memories (formerly Legacy)
Heritage artwork takes center stage in Somerset Memories -a publication that spotlights family photographs, heirlooms, and memorabilia. Follow along with artists as they reminisce on their cherished experiences through sophisticated scrapbook and journal pages and other sentimental mixed-media projects. Each issue contains eight free artist papers.

A charming publication devoted to the creation of softies. Playful creatures of all shapes and sizes are featured in the colorful magazine, allowing a reader to let their inner child come out to play.

The Coloring Studio
The Coloring Studio is not your kid's coloring book. With an imaginative collection of edgy illustrations in the Somerset-esque style you've come to love, The Coloring Studio puts an artistic spin on today's hottest trend. With bonus content, ideas for what to do with your finished pages, tips, and more, this is the only coloring book designed to go beyond the page.

Transparent Art
Discover a vast array of innovative projects with instructions on how to incorporate stamped, painted, sewn, cut, and even burned transparencies to achieve incredible results. Learn from well known artists who show how these diversely treated transparencies can be fused into a variety of artwork including ATCs, shrines, art quilts, collages, cards, journals, and much more.

True Colors
Fifteen amazing artists wanted to see what they could do with a single color scheme. Each artist contributed a journal cover in her chosen palette and a page in each journal. The finished works are filled with page after page of techniques and mediums, including stamping, painting, sketching, fabric art, metalwork, transfers and layered texturing - a wide spectrum of artistry and skill.

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